We are a private quinta open to travelers, adventurers and seekers. We host individuals and groups who want an authentic Ecuadorian experience, comfortable accommodations and a tranquil and relaxing environment to relax and renew. We are not a hotel, hostería or resort. Our unique approach to hospitality is based on the Ecuadorian concept of Convivencia; to be in community with people, culture and nature.

Quinta Oasis is an intimate property sitting high on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Province of Manabí, known for its white sand beaches, water sports, natural parks and seafood cuisine.  We are minutes away from the fishermen's village of Puerto Lopez, the surfing and nightlife of Montañita, the archeological site and healing waters of Agua Blanca and the whale watching expeditions and Galapagos-like island of Isla de la Plata. There is easy access to the airports of Guayaquil (3 hours away) and Manta (1.5 hours away).

Quinta Oasis and the surrounding area will transport you to a past when the Manteño people were connected to the Cosmos. Their building tradition using brick and mortar is a metaphor for their Cosmovision, the universal movement and unity of all things.  This Cosmovision is expressed in how the disparate elements of earth, air, fire and water come together to house the body and soul.  Here we pay attention to the harmony between all the natural elements and the interplay between Nature and Human.

At Oasis we based our buildings, design and approach on the Manteño cultural tradition to facilitate an expansion of self through a deeper personal dialogue in the presence of the four elements and in community.

Nature becomes your teacher as you watch the birds play in the trees and the butterflies come out to dance in the light. As the sun rises and sets you will feel the passing of time in a unique and wonderful way, cherishing your life as part of the vital force of the world.

When we speak of the “Cultura Manteña” we are talking about a culture with its own mystery and spiritual principles expressed through the daily lives of the people here. The fisherman here, the Manteño, is the embodiment of this deeper connection to consciousness of this ancient culture. To spend time here and partake of the living experience of the Manteño brings you in community with the people here. The wisdom in Convivencia is available to those who desire to focus on their personal evolution. Staying here at the ocean’s edge for days, weeks or even months, you integrate the elements of harmony that sustain you in your everyday life when you return home.

About Our convivencia and

manteño cultural experience

Our Ecuador offers a spiritual and cultural experience we call Convivencia, which differentiates Oasis from any other location on the coast. For seekers on a journey to discover inner peace and harmony we invite you to the land at the center of the world with its special energetic vibe and ancestral wisdom traditions.

Convivencia – to be in community with, to be human together

This is not the Ecuador you find in travel brochures.

This is the real Ecuador, alive and essential, nourishing the visitor to connect to their own essential nature through Convivencia. Your personal inquiry finds a place to open up to the Cosmovision of this culture.  As your guides we facilitate this deeper wisdom of place. Through the wisdom of the "Cultura Manta" you come to understand the spiritual meaning of each sacred element - water, fire, air, earth – and your own essential connection to the Universe. We as your guides speak from this ancient wisdom. Spirituality here is a profound experience of “amor propio” or self love grounded in the universal language of the Manteño Cosmovision.

Alicia and Bolivar

Alicia and Bolivar


Alicia M. Rodriguez

I've been on a spiritual quest my entire life seeking connection with the divine through Nature, sacred spaces, reflection and adventure. I'm fascinated by questions, not the obvious ones, but the ones that lie buried beneath the surface calling to be explored. I agree with Rilke when he said, 

"...be patient towards all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves..." 

I am the one that loves the questions and have developed the fearlessness to ask them out loud. Everything I do is because of the questions I keep asking. My friends and clients know me as a sage, healer and spiritual warrior. You can learn more about me on my Bio Page.

"The path of the spiritual warrior is a path of surrender, not struggle against.  It’s a path of acceptance, not will. It’s a path of love, not war.  When the warrior in me surrenders to the fact that anything I fight is a projection I discover the peace that comes from a feeling of love, compassion and unity. There is no slaying of dragons and heroic episodes but only to recognize that if there is a dragon, I am the dragon and the whole story is an illusion I created." 

Bolivar Napoleon Luna Paredes

"Napo" as he is known, is a trained psychologist, energy worker and an Andean Wisdom Keeper in the Quitu Cara tradition. He is a sixth generation Wisdom Keeper of the ancestral wisdom of the Cochasquí Pyramids near Quito. He works with individuals as a facilitator of transformation and spiritual development. Bolivar is also the steward for his protected ecological rainforest in Puerto Quito, Ecuador where he assists clients to reconnect to their spiritual nature through the pristine, natural environment there.

"We walk the path of truth everyday...We should not fear our true nature. Universal Energy will always be superior and kind to us if we accept that we are more!"