I'm now in Ecuador working on the final phases of construction of Oasis Hostería and Retreat Center.  So much has been done and so much more to do. Yet despite the work to keep up on the construction and my work in the USA I feel peaceful with a conviction that this is my true path.

The other morning I woke early to the singing of birds.  It was cool as this is still the cool season. I wrapped myself in a shawl and went into the living room of the casita where we are staying.  This casita is the one you may have seen on our Facebook page and for now is where we live.

I stepped out onto the balcony and simply breathed. There were no deadlines, appointments, nothing that I had to rush towards.  The cool air woke me up gradually while a nearby rooster called out his good morning.  Life began to stir and I was part of it.

Oasis is this: a sanctuary for the soul.  It's a place to come home to yourself, to reconnect to that being that has been rushing around, feeling frazzled and a bit afraid of what the future may hold. For a short time, your stay here allows you to breathe freedom and peace back into your soul.

You may discover that you are not what you thought you were. You're not the business person running from meeting to meeting. You're not the parent who, overextended, yells at your kids then feels remorse because actually what they did wasn't a big deal.  You're not the CEO with the burden of hundreds employees on your shoulders.

You are just - you.

Here you rediscover who that really is. In those quiet moments you are renewed, inspired and creative.  The burden of the world drops away revealing something genuine, fresh and true.

We didn't build Oasis to be a resort or some hot vacation spot with daiquiris, margaritas and loud music. It's not our gig.  We didn't build Oasis for your typical family vacation where the kids go off on their own with camp counselors while their parents steal time for themselves.  We're not about that.

We built Oasis as a sanctuary for individuals and groups who want to explore more about who they are, their purpose, their leadership and their very existence.  

Whether it's through quiet moments swinging in the hammock, or a session with me or Bolivar to uncover deeper possibilities or a walk on the beach or a fireside chat in community with anyone who is there at the time.

This is a place where strangers become friends.

And don't we all need that right now?

Come visit us in 2017.  Come for a few days or a month. Sit at the fire with us. Cook and dine with us. Heal with us.  We are here for you to do whatever you need to do to bring yourself home to yourself.

Welcome. Bienvenidos. You are among friends.

Women, are you ready to sit at the fire with us and reconnect to the power within? Now is the time to challenge yourself to bring all your talents and gifts to create positive change in the world.  Join us March 11-18, 2017 for the Unlocking the Secrets to Conscious Living Retreat.  We have only eight spaces left. Commit now so when the cold winter winds blow you can look forward to long walks on sandy beaches, home made food and learning Conscious Living practices such as Yoga, simple but effective self-care practices, Ayurveda and the use of Essential Oils for wellbeing.  VISIT THE RETREAT SITE HERE.