Hello all,

I thought I'd post a short update from Napo in Ecuador. The aftershocks keep coming, many of them over 6.0 which really are more like earthquakes in themselves than aftershocks. This morning Bahia de Caraquez was evacuated after severe temblors hit the area.

Napo tells me that every evening people in our community come up the hill to Oasis to sleep in the porches of the casitas or on the upper level. The aftershocks create more fear, not only of another large shake, but that their homes may not be strong enough. They prefer to sleep at Oasis because our casitas have proven well-built. The people are also afraid of tsunamis so being high up on our hill helps them feel safer.

This event has caused us to incorporate new security measures that we would not have considered before. We will be sure to build an emergency storage unit with emergency items such as flashlights, tents, water purification pills and thermos, and other things that could be enlisted for our guests and neighbors for any future emergencies.

Regardless of where you live in the world, mother nature has a way of making herself known. There will always be natural disasters.  The question remains how will we handle these? How will we help one another?

It will take years to rebuild the coastal areas that suffered so much damage. But more importantly the emotional and psychological scars of personal losses, family and neighbors, may never fully heal.

We are as committed as ever to make Oasis our home and to share with you the beauty and wonder that Ecuador offers as the most bio-diverse country in the world.  We are continuing our construction even now, providing work for our neighbors so that they feel useful and can afford their own daily living expenses.

Please consider donating to our community fund so we can go the extra mile to safeguard our community now and in the future.