On Tuesday it will be one month since a major earthquake hit the Ecuadorian Coast.  Time has stood still for many, memories of being trapped in rubble or the grief of losing loved ones is still fresh for them.  International aid has not been enough as the country struggles to rebuild with the help of many Ecuadorian and Foreign (Americans, Canadians and others) residents who make their home in Ecuador.

The people want you to know that they still need your help. Thirty days is too short to forget the terror of a quaking earth and its consequences.  They want you to know that they are open for business.  Most areas in Ecuador remained untouched by the disaster on the coast.

Businesses on the coast have opened and need your support. Plan a visit there; the country's beauty is still magnificent and the beaches are waiting for you to enjoy the stunning sunsets.

At Oasis we continue to build and as we do so we help others. Thank you for the donations you sent. We have been able to repair the cistern and some of the road.  And we still need more.

If you have not yet donated, the need is urgent.

There are many roads to be fixed and houses and businesses to be rebuilt. Our workers are thankful that they can still earn a livelihood working with us so they can feed their families and so that the community continues to prosper even in these trying times.

Please consider a donation. Any amount is welcome.

We are also seeking advocates and supporters of our work here at Oasis who have the ability to contribute at a much higher level of $5000.00 and more.  If you have the ability to sponsor a few families through Oasis at this level please donate here or contact me directly at alicia@aliciamrodriguez.com.

Much gratitude and appreciation from us and our Ecuadorian family and neighbors.


(Photo courtesy: MINT GROUP EC: Quito fundraising concert)