I run retreats in Ecuador where I have Oasis, my home and retreat center.  We run women’s retreats because something magical happens in a community of women.  As women we come to understand that we have more in common than we have differences. 

I believe that women have the right and responsibility to fulfill their potential whether it's through their leadership, the management of their business, the way the raise their children, how they contribute to their communities or how they choose to develop themselves. 

My mission is to support women in reaching their potential so that they can fulfill whatever it is they are called to do. This is one of the reasons I built Oasis and hold my women's retreats there.

What is a Spiritual Retreat?

I  think you have to define what it means when we say spiritual retreats.  Everyone comes to the experience from their own perspectives and expectations based on what they consider spiritual.

I believe spirituality is larger than just the modality that gets us in touch with that deeper wisdom within.  Snorkeling might not seem spiritual but yes, you can have the experience of transcendence and oneness swimming under the ocean surrounded by hundreds of species, as you can sitting in meditation.  Yoga, mindfulness and meditation are ways of raising our level of consciousness to what could be described as spiritual. There isn't a right or wrong way of "being spiritual" unless it is inauthentic and manipulative.

What Spirituality Means at Oasis

Spirituality comes from breaking open those parts of yourself that are still hidden because they are so vulnerable in this world.  No one “thinks” spirituality.  It’s not a linear process yet workshops and retreats use agendas.  Why? Because It makes the attendee feel comfortable. They get a sense of knowing "what's going to happen".  But that's an illusion.

Our retreats and convivencia intensives are environments for emergence.  So no, one doesn't know what will emerge when we empty ourselves of all the structures, crutches and busyness of our everyday life. But I have seen women bloom like flowers given the space, the nourishment and the support to be exactly who they are, the fullest expression of themselves. That is emergence.

Our retreats are a step into unknown territory for those brave enough to engage an inner dialogue with their soul.  We hold the space for that conversation by providing safety, nourishment and a partnering for unresolved questions.  We are the invitation for that person’s soul to appear without constraint or fear.

Who Comes to Oasis Women's Retreats?

Women who come are typically tired from the inside out. They need rest and quiet first.  Then they are ready to explore their outer surroundings as a metaphor for that inner exploration.  

Ecuador is a beautiful place, full of mystery, beauty and spirituality. Integral to the culture is the Andean Cosmology, how they think of the world and the Universe encompassing what is seen and not seen.  It’s perfect for this kind of exploration.

Women are notorious for putting themselves last, sacrificing their desires, wellbeing, time and energy in service of others. When I speak of coming to our retreats as the ultimate act of self-care women understand but remain shackled to the idea that to care for themselves is a selfish act (said negatively). Who are they to invest their money or time in a "vacation" on their own? It seems frivolous...until they realize that unless they practice self-care, unless they take care of themselves, their businesses, work, family and friends suffer as well.

I love this quote by Parker Palmer. He speaks directly to the importance of self-care when he says:

“Self-care is never a selfish act - it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer others. Anytime we can listen to true self and give the care it requires, we do it not only for ourselves, but for the many others whose lives we touch.” 
― Parker J. PalmerLet Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation

This is the reason you must come to Oasis In Ecuador. Do it for yourself and for so many others who depend on you. It speaks to Self Love, a fundamental concept in the Andean Wisdom Teachings that we share with our guests.  

"I am worthy of being healthy, happy and at peace."

An Invitation

It has taken years of persistence, dedication and funding to build Oasis so that we can do the work we were meant to do which is to serve those who desire a safe and peace filled environment to recover their health, to reconnect to their bodies and to dialogue with their souls, to be re-inspired to do great things in their lives.

On March 11-18, 2017 we will run our Unlocking the Secrets to Conscious Living.  

I am joined by my dear friend and yogi Sue Schmitt of Shakti Yoga Studio in Annapolis.  

Together we will take you on a week-long journey home to your Self, engaging Feminine and Masculine wisdom, practicing yoga and breath work, inviting the soul to emerge at the fire during the evenings or on your walk at the beach.

You will learn simple, daily practices for Conscious Living that you can immediately incorporate into your life to sustain you upon your return.

You will be supported with energy healing, personal coaching and Ayurvedic practices and doTerra Essential Oils. The beauty of our natural surroundings will bring you peace and joy.

Our team will be there to support you for a week of self care and reflection combined with adventure and exploration. And I'm sure that there will be much laughter and lightness to fill you up as you meet other women who may start as strangers and leave as friends.

Register now! March 11-18, 2017.

We only have ten spaces.