I can't believe it's May 2017! It's been over two years since Napo and I dreamed of a place to call home for ourselves and for those seeking their inner home.

Quinta Oasis is just about done. The property is looking great. Trees and gardens are being planted. All the casitas are ready for visitors. The mini suites will be finished soon too.

Here's the Facebook Album Link to check out our progress!

The pool is going in during June and July. The outdoor kitchen and bathroom, poolside, are constructed and need some final touches. The open air yoga studio doubles as a relaxing place to lie in a hammock enjoying the ocean views, the breeze and the sounds of the many birds in our trees.

Imagine some R&R with a view.

Imagine some R&R with a view.


We have had a few people stay with us and the feedback we keep getting is that it is like being at home with us. That prompted a change in the name.

Our approach is Convivencia, which means to live with or be in community with. Coming to Oasis is like coming to our house. In Spanish, a Quinta is a large, private residence in the country side that also serves to produce income through farming and other means. Quinta seemed much more appropriate to our vision than Hostería. And so we changed the formal name to Quinta Oasis because indeed, you are coming to our home and we treat you like treasured guests.

One person came and stayed for a few weeks on his own Burning Question Personal Transformation Retreat. Here is a snippet of what he said about his experience:

"I haven't been able to put words to the experience. Groundbreaking is one that keeps coming up."

This is the work we do at Quinta Oasis. Real transformation that produces a shift in your life towards authenticity, purpose and meaning. Through presence, dialogue, unconditional acceptance and some hard work, you rediscover your joy and gifts.

This Season

Puerto Lopez Humpback Whales


June brings the humpback whales to our coast. From the view at the top of our hill you can be sipping a glass of wine on your balcony and with binoculars watch the whales play in the ocean. Or take the short walk to the beach and enjoy the surf while you catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures out toward the horizon. There are plenty of whale watching tours from nearby Puerto Lopez that take visitors out to see them more closely.

Salango Ecuador Beach


For those of you who enjoy the beach, you can pack a lunch and beverages and you're off to a morning of sunbathing and body surfing at the local beach. Enjoy the quiet and solitude. Our beach is uncrowded and clean, strewn only with nature's sea plants and busy little red crabs. At the end of the day return "home" to your casita and relax in our comfortable beds, make yourself a meal in the kitchen and get ready for a good night's sleep.


We returned back to the USA this month for our first real vacation in two years. And to prepare for the BIG MOVE.

As of June 1 I'll be a resident of Ecuador and will have moved to Quinta Oasis full time. I'll be concentrated on my writing and the promotion and work of Quinta Oasis. I've been getting ready for this major life change for some time. Now it's a reality as I sell my belongings and decide what is most important to bring with me.

Because of the Internet and technologies like Skype and WhatsApp I can keep up with my friends, family, clients and colleagues. I'm posting my contact information below as I will no longer have a USA based cell phone. We are easily reached nevertheless via other means.

Your Invitation

We invite you to come to our home, Quinta Oasis, and experience the Ecuadorian lifestyle through Convivencia. The casitas are ready for you. We will begin to take groups in November when more of the enhancements are completed. Please contact me if you are interested in coming for a personal retreat, a visit or to bring a group.

And if you're interested in our giveaway - a free stay at Quinta Oasis - make sure you subscribe. Forward this to others who may want to qualify for a free stay with us!

A Final Note

Thank you to each of you who has supported us through our journey to create Oasis. Some of you donated to our Indigogo effort or to our earthquake relief or to our community fund. Some of you were there for moral support when things got a bit tough. And others were there to spread the word about our vision to make the world a better place through deeper personal inquiry.

To all of you, our gratitude. We hope to thank you in person one day.

Con respeto y cariño,

Alicia and Napo (And Chief and Bella)


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Ecuador Telephone (from USA dial): 011 593 9 037 8580

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Oasis Email: msaliciamrodriguez@gmail.com

My Email: alicia@aliciamrodriguez.com

(As I said, lots of ways to be in touch!)