We are so excited about the future of Quinta Oasis!  We've given much thought to who we feel would enjoy staying with us and I'd like to share with you some ideas and reasons we think you should come, alone or with friends.

One thing that sets us apart from any other place on the coast of Ecuador is our concept of Convivencia (to live with, to be in community with, to be human together). Because Quinta Oasis is a PRIVATE residence, not a hotel, inn or hostería, our guests feel at home sharing meals, activities and experiences. When desired, the casitas offer a quiet refuge from the world with their own kitchens and living spaces that open to ocean views.

Here you are not just a room number.

The other thing that sets us apart is our work. Oasis is the container for your deeper inquiry into meaning, purpose and spirituality. Both Bolivar and I (Alicia) are committed to helping others do their personal and spiritual development.

This isn't our job or career. It's the way we live here.

It's integrated into every conversation, every meal we serve, every encounter we have with you while you are here. We may invite you for a walk to the beach, to dance with us or to share a conversation on Andean Wisdom that you can apply to your life.  Everything has a purpose, a hidden possibility to learn something about yourself or to shift your worldview.

Your vacation becomes an experience that changes you. How many vacations have you enjoyed where you were actually changed by the experience? Probably not many.


Now I can't take full credit for all these seven reasons to come. Many of these ideas come from friends, colleagues and clients who are considering one of these ideas themselves. Something here may resonate with you and spark the impulse for you to come visit.

1. Personal and Spiritual Development (descriptions here)

One Week Personal Growth Retreat

Two Week Personal Transformation Retreat

Sacred Partnerships: An Enlightened Path to Marriage and Partnership

2. Dialogues (one week)

Wisdom Traditions of the Andes in Modern Times: A week long dialogue where you will learn the ancestral wisdom of the Andes and how you can apply it in these turbulent times to find peace and harmony within.

The Rising Feminine in Today’s World: In this retreat you will bond with other women to better understand your feminine power and how to more fully manifest this power from a place of authenticity. You can also come alone or with friends and engage this dialogue.

The Compassionate Masculine in Today’s World: In this retreat you will bond with other men to better understand how to marry compassion and power without aggression embracing all aspects of your Self. You can also come alone or with friends and engage this dialogue.

3. Celebrations

Milestone Birthday or Anniversary: Are you hitting a milestone birthday or anniversary soon? Bring your family or a group of friends and celebrate by taking over our Quinta.  Included is an Andean blessing celebrating life and friendship.

Girls Week: Do you have a group of friends that all need some time away? Come to our Quinta and enjoy the natural setting, long walks on the beach, cooking and eating together and more. Maybe this week happens to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, one last hurrah as a single woman? Connect with old friends that you haven't seen for a while or come with your tribe.

Mothers and Daughters: What if you and your daughter could take some special time to reconnect?  If you have a group of five friends who also have daughters you could easily have the Quinta all to yourselves. You can also come just you and your daughter.

Fathers and Sons: Are you ready to take your son on an adventure? Schedule time at the beach, go fishing or learn to kite surf together. Hike our nature reserve or go horseback riding through the forest. Come back to a hearty meal and long talks by the fire. Smores are our specialty! In today's hectic life it's difficult to stay connected to your son. Make this a special week that will strengthen your relationship for a lifetime.


4. Creativity and Art

For Artists, Musicians, Photographers, Writers – reconnect to your muse inspired by the culture, spirituality and beauty that is Ecuador. You’ll find quiet time to listen to your inspiration and opportunities to engage your creativity in new ways. We're happy to talk to you about the origin of inspiration from an Andean Wisdom perspective which may open you to new ways to manifest your creativity.

5. Business

Conscious Business for Women: Enhance your leadership skills while working with a group of entrepreneurs to build your business or take it to the next level. In a casual atmosphere you’ll share ideas, support one another and learn how to take your work and your life to the next level while maintaining your health and wellbeing.

Visioning and Purpose: Bring your team for a week of facilitated inquiry into the emerging future of your organization.

6. Next Chapter

If you’re thinking of your next chapter in life, come explore what's possible for you.  You may be considering moving to Ecuador now or for retirement. Come stay at Quinta Oasis, a place you can call home until you find your new home.

7. Adventure

The Indiana Jones Escape: Adventures such as Isla de la Plata, snorkeling and kayaking off of Salango Island are waiting for you here. Hike to waterfalls, go horseback riding through forests or on the beach or journey to see howler monkeys and rare birds and plant life. And so much more!

I'm sure there are many reasons to come to Quinta Oasis. These are but a few I thought I'd share with you. Please contact me to explore your visit to our private Quinta. You have our personal invitation to do so!

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