So currently I’m in the USA and I get to “observe” what would’ve been my life here. I notice how people are still pretty stressed out. Looking for something to reconnect to their hearts and soul. And some people are happy AND they know that there could be even more happiness in their lives.

I’ve always believed that travel was where I could meet myself.

Travel opens your mind and heart to new perspectives, new adventures, new ways of experiencing your life and the world.

We built Quinta Oasis to be a safe, comfortable place – to explore the natural world of Ecuador and to take a journey inward to discover yourself anew.  Of course we offer our homes as vacation rentals. And…

Here’s the surprise.

People come and they renew on so many different levels. It’s not just staying here to have a vacation and do the touristy stuff. It’s more. We designed it that way.

When you’re here, you are at our home. You are our guest. Your comfort, your curiosity about life in Ecuador is important to us.

We want you to have an EXPERIENCE, not just a vacation.

So we invite you to experience our excursions into local communities to meet the people of Ecuador and get to know what it’s really like to be in a community where the land is your source of income and traditions. When you go you are contributing to the economy and livelihood of those people, not giving your dollars to a big tour company.

Quinta Oasis on the coast of Ecuador

Maybe it's the simple things, like waking up to the sound of the birds or a cup of coffee on the balcony while you gaze out to the ocean, reveling in the natural beauty and tranquility of Quinta Oasis.

We take you to meet our butcher, our baker, the “shrimp guy” who comes up to our property selling fresh shrimp out of his truck.  We introduce you to the “veggie guy” who comes up with his son and wife to see us his avocados, pineapples, bananas and herbs.

We help you decide where to go, what to see that you would find most enjoyable. We tell you about the places no one else knows about and invite you to join us there. We walk to the beach at 6am with you for a run by the ocean. (OK, I don’t but Napo does).

From your balcony you can check out the tide deciding when you’ll be going down to surf that perfect wave off our beach. And between June and October we lend you our binoculars to watch for those splashes of white you can see from the terrace – the humpback whales jumping for joy.

Sunset Poolside.jpg

In the evenings we sit on the upper terrace with a cold beer or glass of wine while we barbecue and share meals together under the setting sun.

If it’s cold we light the fire pit and engage deep conversations about Andean spirituality, the meaning of life and the unseen world while the stars glow brilliantly in the dark sky above.


Our team – Chief, Bella, Sophie, Lula and Awki – provide the comic relief and unconditional affection you may not be getting in your daily life, guarding your door at night, or nuzzling you for more hugs, or playing tag to your amusement.

We are not a hotel, hostal, hosteria, resort, etc.

We are your home away from home.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, even as you explore the coastal sites and enjoy the tours and activities available to you in Puerto Lopez, Montañita and everything in between, then our door is open to you.

Whether you’re coming from Quito, Cuenca or other cities in Ecuador or you’re traveling greater distances from around the world, Quinta Oasis is your home away from home.

Join us and let us show you a different side of Ecuador.

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Quinta Oasis is a private quinta open to travelers, adventurers and seekers.

We host individuals and groups who want an authentic Ecuadorian experiencecomfortable accommodations and a tranquil and natural environment to relax and renew.

We are NOT a hotel, hostería or resort. We are an exclusive residence open to people who truly want an authentic Ecuadorian experience without sacrificing comfort or privacy.

Our unique approach to hospitality is based on Convivencia, to be in community with people, culture and nature.