Personal Retreats in Ecuador

I'm sure you've heard the saying: "Building the bike while riding it."  That's what I feel we've been doing here at Quinta Oasis. Every day brings something new to do or a new idea that we want to incorporate or a solution to a challenge we've been facing. 

We've come to the realization that Quinta Oasis is a like a living being - always shifting, changing, evolving, always a work in progress...growing as more people come and experience our convivencia approach where we share our way of life with our guests and all of us are changed by being in community with one another.

Every time someone arrives here they share their experiences and suggestions, helping us see things that we have become blind to and providing new, creative ideas to implement. Each person leaves an imprint on the land and on our hearts, some more lasting than others.

What's New

We've refined a few aspects of our property and now that all structures are complete we feel that the construction phase is complete. It's been a time for the enhancements and refinements, adding color and tone to the property.

A New Logo

Quinta Oasis In Ecuador

Our new logo elicits a sense of the tranquility and peace here and reflects the natural environment that surrounds us while depicting the contemporary feel of our buildings and homes. A combination of Manteño design and modern comfort make our casitas your home away from home.

Whether in community or in solitude, you'll find a haven, an oasis, here for your soul, body and mind.






We have murals in the yoga/community room that speak to the Andean Cosmovision and spirituality of Ecuador.  There is the dual-mural of Pachakuti, the transformation of the light. It speaks to the energy in the transformation we are seeing now on the planet. According to the Andean prophecies (and that of other cultures) disruption will bring a rebirth and a higher level of consciousness to the planet.


The second mural is a version of the Chakana, or Andean cross. The design indicates the four elements of fire, air, water and earth with spirit at its center. There are many interpretations of the symbolism of these designs and we address those with our visitors.


Quinta Oasis
Quinta Oasis

We've upgraded the upper terrace with the mini-suites and the outdoor kitchen and bar area and the area around the pool. Now you'll be walking across a carpet of multi-colored sea pebbles to the pool area.

The area around the yoga/community room and fogata is also carpeted with these natural stones. 


Kitchen Terrace.jpg

Besides new lighting on the terrace we are using solar lights as much as possible to light the property at night. All the balconies and the terrace are lit by solar lights that twinkle at night. To be honest, this is minor but it brings me much joy to watch the twinkling lights reflecting the stars in the expansive sky. The little things can bring such joy.


IMG_1557 2.jpg

Right now we are in winter, the time of the "garua" which is cloudy, drizzly and cool. Despite the lack of much sun there are some gifts that come with this season.

First, everything is blossoming and growing. Our vegetables and fruit trees are deep shades of green and providing us with salad makings and new fruit on the more mature trees. 

Second, we are in the season of the migration of the humpback whales. Our guests are enjoying taking a tour out on the water to see these magnificent creatures up close. We enjoy taking out our binoculars and watching them breach from the comfort of our terrace, a glass of wine in hand!

Third, the days the sun does appear become a day to goof off. We run to the beach or take a swim in the pool or take a day trip to explore a new town or activity.  It makes us even more grateful for our life on the coast of Ecuador.

Our Guests and Community

We've had visitors from all over the world.  Our conversations over dinner or coffee or as we work in the gardens together dance between the mundane world events to the meaning of life questions.

We have trusted contacts in Quito for personal tours. Here on the coast our local taxi drivers provide transportation to nearby sites and activities. And we offer our second home, Lunahuasi, in the rainforest outside of Puerto Quito, where you can spend a few days experiencing the rainforest surrounded by sounds and sights mostly unseen in group tours.

This is what Convivencia is all about.

We have now booked several personal retreats for August and the fall. We are planning on our own retreats (to be announced). And we will have a small group visiting and one house rented for three months. And of course, we are still offering our special packages.

Quinta Oasis

We've learned that we are not in control of the pace here (really?). Rather than do heavy marketing we prefer to share via this newsletter and social media. Those people who appreciate a tranquil environment, who open themselves to a new way of living and learning about the Ecuadorian culture (and accessing a deeper sense of self) find their way here to relax, renew and re-energize themselves.

Our Animals

Sophie is our new addition born in March to Lula, our neighbor's dog who really lives here. Now it's Sophie, Chief, Bella, Lula and Awki the cat who thinks he's a dog. They are our entertainment and comedians and much loved by our guests.

Quinta Oasis in Ecuador

You're Invited

Whether you're interested in coming during the cooler months and communing with the whales and dolphins or you're more interested in the warmer months snorkeling in the waters around La Isla Salango or visiting La Isla de La Plata for a hike and a Galapagos-like experience, you are invited to spend time here with us at Quinta Oasis.

Laugh with us, dance with us, cook and dine with us. Take long, leisurely walks by yourself on our beach, get a massage or simply lounge at the pool or in a hammock. Whatever you need and want, it's here.

Like Quinta Oasis, you'll be shifting, evolving and growing through a close encounter with the natural world here and a culture of spirituality, beauty and mystery such is Ecuador.

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And check out our 1 minute video on a day at Quinta Oasis.

I hope to see you here soon!  Get in touch and book your reservation and experience convivencia at Quinta Oasis.

Alicia and Napo