Sunsets end your days in wonder and gratitude.

Sunsets end your days in wonder and gratitude.

Fresh, organic food feeds the body and the soul.

Fresh, organic food feeds the body and the soul.


Being here means you're free to focus on yourself without the pressures of your daily life. It's the only way to do this deep inquiry so that it sustains you when you return. Bring your burning question; a question that you need to resolve or a decision you need to make , help with a life transition, or simply clarity on purpose or where you want your life journey to take you. We'll spend a week together focused on YOU and what you want for your life.



·       To identify habits and thinking patterns that keep you stuck and replace them with new ways of being that sustain you as you move towards manifesting what truly matters to you.

·       To work on your limiting beliefs, silent assumptions and imagined fears and transform them into the impulse to move forward and write the story that is living inside you.

·       To amplify your talents, experience and gifts in ways you never knew were possible.

·       Daily and deeper conversations that go to the source of what is waiting to emerge for you.

·       Non-judgmental wisdom partners so you leave heard, seen and affirmed in your journey towards a life that is resonant with your deepest desire.

·       We’ll decide on which energetic healing technique is best for you. You may choose sound immersion therapy, essential oil massage or reiki or other modality.

·       Organic, home made food to sustain your body and recalibrate it to crave natural foods.

·       An excursion to an ancestral community where you'll swim in a healing spring and relish a nutrient rich mud bath that is both detoxifying and relaxing

·       Hiking to rainforests and waterfalls, white sand beaches and ocean adventures that enhance your awareness of your body's wisdom.

·       Days of quiet reflection spending time WITH yourself to connect to nature as teacher and reflect on your own life and how you can travel lighter.

Long walks WITH yourself bring you closer to what has heart and meaning.

Long walks WITH yourself bring you closer to what has heart and meaning.

Nature’s wonders heal and delight.

Nature’s wonders heal and delight.

You will take home…

·       By the end of your stay you'll feel like a new person, renewed, re-energized and ready to write your new story.

·       You'll have mindfulness techniques and create new habits to maintain your ability to make healthy decisions for yourself for conscious living

·       You will be mentored in Ecuadorian Cosmovision and learn how the unseen world can become an ally in your life.

·       After searching for answers to your existential questions in workshops, reading or other group retreats, you'll finally discover your Self anew as answers emerge from the space we create for your inquiry.

·       You'll have the map and practical tools and strategies to support you in living the life you desire and deserve.

·       You'll return with greater optimism, confidence and direction.

·       In a short time, you'll be living in total alignment between your heart and your mind without judgement or the need for external validation.