Caminante, son tus huellas el camino, y nada más; caminante, no hay camino. Camino se hace al andar. Al andar se hace el camino y al volverse la vista atras se ve la senda que nunca se hay de tornar a pisar. Caminante, no hay camino, solamente las stellas en el mar.”

”Wanderer, your footsteps are the road, and nothing more; wanderer, there is no road. The road is made by walking. By walking one makes the road and upon glancing behind one sees the path that never will be trod again. Wanderer, there is no road, only wakes upon the sea.
— Antonio Machado - Campos de Castilla

Oasis Personal Retreats

Oasis Individual Retreats are personal one to one immersive experiences that dive deep into the significant questions that lay unresolved for you.  Based on the concept of “Convivencia” – roughly translated as living together or being in community with – we create a customized program that includes guidance, community service, energy healing, activities in nature and exploration and activities of your choosing.

Individuals come here to heal with the support of two experienced healers, nurturing staff, healthy food and a natural environment. Our work with guests who come for an individual customized retreat is a 24/7 experience of transformation. 


This is a unique opportunity to answer the significant and often existential questions of your life.

The Burning Question Personal Transformation Retreat

What if you could solve your most burning question or greatest challenge, or handle something which has been impeding your freedom or movement forward in your life?

What if you could finally do this after months or even years of living with this discomfort, unease or stagnation?

Our one and two week personal retreat is designed to give you the space and support to resolve your burning question once and for all. Spend one or two weeks with us, in Convivencia (community with us), retreating from your everyday stresses and building in the time and openness to work with two catalysts for transformation on your resolution. Come by yourself or bring a friend or a few friends who may also need this kind of intensive support.

This program offers a no frills, no agenda, no group opportunity to dive deep into what matters most to you.  You'll learn about yourself through the wisdom of Ecuadorian ancestral traditions and the Cosmovision of the Manteño culture. If you need solitude you can get away to one of our hammocks or take long walks on the beach. If you'd like to join us for dinner or at the fire pit, we'll engage you in meaningful conversation that will shift you out of the darkness into the light. Our package includes:

  • One Skype call after you book to help us plan for your stay and needs

  • Accommodations in a private casita with ocean views for seven or fourteen nights

  • As part of your practice of self-care we encourage you to prepare you own meals with the fresh produce, meats and ingredients you find at our local markets

  • Round trip airport transportation to/from Manta airport (from Guayaquil there is an additional cost)

  • One (two during two weeks) energetic healing session with Bolivar Luna, Co-founder of Oasis, Psychologist and Andean Wisdom Keeper

  • One (two during two weeks) deep inquiry session with Alicia Rodriguez, Founder of Oasis, Wisdom Partner, Inspirational Writer and Speaker

  • Our healing presence, spontaneous conversations, wisdom sharing and unconditional loving support 24/7

  • (more sessions may be booked on site)

  • Day excursion to Los Frailes beach, one of Ecuador’s most beautiful beaches, and Agua Blanca, an ancestral community offering the healing waters of their sacred lagoon

  • One Skype call after you return home within 30 days to support the integration of your shift

I haven’t been able to put words to the experience. Groundbreaking is one that keeps coming up.
— W.E., Personal Retreat Visitor

sacred partnerships: an enlightened path to marriage and partnership

Traditional relationships hold the seeds to both a co-dependent coupling and for a supportive partnership for mutual growth and evolution.  In our Sacred Partnerships retreats for Couples you will learn together how to water the seeds that create true partnerships for your mutual evolution based on Self-Love.  You will learn the role that Self Love and intimacy play in finding personal freedom and a deep love and respect for one another. 

 Reconnect to one another anew in a supportive and private environment where Nature is also a healer and teacher.

Join us if you wish to approach your relationship with your self and your partner more deeply and meaningfully.


Here is what one person says about our work:

"Two of the most amazing people I have met and dear friends of mine are building Oasis. They are all about life changing experiences, learning and growing. They help you find the confidence to listen to your inner voice and find peace. The list is endless. Their work will change thousands of lives. Yours can be one.”

Oasis retreats inspire you with the energizing and regenerative power of a sacred personal journey and nourish your soul to help you stay connected with your deeper source.

Oasis signature retreats

Coming home to self

Come drink from the waters of life and nourish your soul.  Take a spiritual journey home to yourself, an awakening that will transform your life. Discover yourself anew inspired by the regenerative power of your sacred journey and nourishing your soul to help you connect to a deeper source of power and love within you.

Join us if you seek to be understood, to be in community with like-minded travelers and to delve into the richness of life with love as the source. 

Choosing your path: a personal inquiry during transitions

Andean wisdom teaches us that life is movement. As you journey through your life, the circumstances and the events that form your story shape you in unpredictable ways. You may lose your way or you may notice that your direction has changed.  These moments hold the possibility for something new and exciting for you to rediscover yourself anew.

Join us as you learn to move through life’s crossroads with grace and ease, renewing your spirit and stepping into a new story about who you are as the fullest creative expression of your spirit.

Oasis Signature Group Retreats

In our Oasis Signature Group Retreats we share ancestral wisdom practices with you that will have you dig deep into your story, resolve life issues and begin to move forward in your life with practices you take home with you.  You leave not only rested and renewed, but transformed.

This kind of transformation can only happen when you commit to stepping out of your comfort zone and engage a totally new environment where your life story can be written anew. 

sophia rising for women

Join a circle of women as they engage a deeper dialogue about their wisdom, spirituality and power. Deep within the well of the feminine lies a power that the Andean culture recognized as the Creatrix. 

Join your sisters in the ancestral dances between the worlds. Return with a greater sense of your power and wisdom, transformed into the wise woman that holds the world in the palm of her hand.