Entrance to our street from La Ruta del Sol

Entrance to our street from La Ruta del Sol

We are located at the entrance to the Rio Chico community on Ruta del Spondylus just south of Salango if you are coming from Manta or Puerto Lopez. The street name is 25 de Diciembre (yes, like Christmas) but there are no signs. There is an elementary school across from the bus stop. If you take a bus ask them to drop you off at the Rio Chico Children’s School and walk across the street and up the hill to Quinta Oasis. If you're coming from the south, Olón or Montañita or Guayaquil, the bus stop is on the right as you head north.

If you are driving from Quito check out the route here >> . https://goo.gl/maps/Pk35W1Ti76C2

If you use “what3words” we are: ///inspired.batted.shrill

Nos encontramos en el Recinto Río Chico, de la Comunidad Ancestral Salango, Parroquia del mismo nombre al sur de Puerto López en la ruta del spondylus, está en diagonal frente a la parada de autobús en la esquina de nuestra calle. El nombre de la calle es 25 de diciembre (sí, como la navidad), pero no hay señales. Hay una escuela primaria enfrente de la parada del autobús. Si tomas un autobús, les pides que te deje en la parada del lado izquierdo de Río Chico y camines subiendo por la calle 25 de diciembre rumbo a la colina donde se encuentra QUINTA OASIS. Si vienes del sur, Olon o Montañita o Guayaquil, la parada de autobús está a la derecha.

Si viene de Quito aqui esta la ruta en Google Maps .. https://goo.gl/maps/Pk35W1Ti76C2

Si usa el app “what3words” somos: ///inspired.batted.shrill

From usa & Europe

Delta and American Airlines and Jet Blue and Avianca have frequent flights. Fly into Quito or Guayaquil, Ecuador.

You may have to stay overnight and catch the morning flight to Manta. With advance notice we can provide meet and greet transportation from Manta Airport ($120 round trip). Or you can take a taxi or drive 1.5 hours along the stunning Ruta del Sol, a scenic drive along the ocean. We recommend you do not drive at night.

We are five minutes south of Puerto Lopez and thirty minutes north of Montañita right off of the Ruta del Sol.

from guayaquil

We are about three hours north of Guayaquil by car. There is regular bus service from Guayaquil to Puerto Lopez. You would want the bus to leave you just south of Salango in the Rio Chico community.

Guayaquil is a major city in Ecuador. International and domestic flights also come into Guayaquil. With advance notice we can provide meet and greet transportation from Guayaquil Airport ($210 round trip).

You may also drive the modern highway from Guayaquil. We recommend that you do not drive at night.

Oasis Views

Oasis View

Oasis View

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